House Cleaning Maids Of Colorado
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August 2018

They removed every item from my cabinets and cleaned the shelves. Then they put it all back together. It looks great. Thank you.
-- Isabel,  Highlands Ranch --

July 2018

We have no carpet but all hardwood, including the basement. It is so time consuming to maintain, that's why I hired these local cleaners. Yes, now I can actually enjoy my floor instead of complaining.
-- Helen,  Highlands Ranch --

June 2018

I have a very large house with 3 floors plus a basement. Even so, the cleaning ladies always manage to do a consistent job. They complete my entire home on each cleaning.
-- Joseph,  Arvada --

May 2018

I have 3 dogs and my Cleaners always do a great job with all the pet hair. Sometimes they even fill up their water bowl. That's not expected so I sure do appreciate it.
-- Anthony,  Highlands Ranch --

April 2018

These cleaning ladies are keepers. And unlike others I have tried, they seem to enjoy there work instead of making you feel like it's drudgery for them to be in your home cleaning. They arrive on time and they don't leave early.
-- Priscilla,  Denver --